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There are only so many things you can say about teeth without reinforcing the image of dentists as being dull and humorless. On this page I have included some links to video clips. Some we found online and some are original. If the descriptions intrigue you, click the clip title and take a look. Thanks.

Monkey Flossing with Human Hair

If a monkey can figure out how to floss with what's available on the sidewalk, what's our excuse?

Woman Loses Denture Skydiving

Fortunately it was a tandem jump or she might have forgotten to pull the parachute.

Potty Training Song

Our grandson was reluctant to use the potty, so my husband tried to provide some musical inspiration with an original song.

Penguins In Space

Another of my husband's ideas. He found a new way to play with a game our 3 year old grandson received as a gift.

Brian Flying

This was my first and only attempt at special effects movie making. I didn't think it was all that impressive, but when Terri's mother saw the video her comment was "Isn't that a dangerous toy for a child?".