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Diabetes and Dental Health

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Diabetes is Reaching Epidemic Proportions. Here are some staggering facts...

  1. 20.8 million children and adults (7% of the population) have diabetes.
  2. Of those 20.8 million, 6.2 million are undiagnosed.
  3. 54 million people are pre-diabetic
  4. 20.9% of people 60 years or older have diabetes.

Important facts to know:

What many people are unaware of is the intimate connection between the health of your mouth and your blood sugar level.  Gum disease and diabetes can create a vicious cycle.  Diabetic patients are far more prone to developing gum disease and tend to have more difficulty controlling the inflammation and infection.  Research has also shown that severe gum disease may make it more difficult for diabetics to control their blood sugar, putting them at greater risk for diabetic complications.  Another research study indicated that patients with diabetes and serious gum disease had a far greater incidence of cardiovascular disease, stroke and heart attacks. For more info about the relationship between gum disease and heart disease click here.

Dealing with a chronic disease is difficult.  (I can speak from personal experience as my husband has Parkinson's disease).  Poorly controlled diabetes attacks almost every organ system in the body.  It is critical to try to maintain a blood sugar level that will prevent these devastating complications.  Addressing mouth infection and inflammation can have a dramatic effect on the overall health of the diabetic.

We work with our patients to improve their dental and overall health. The foundation of this philosophy is the restoration and maintenance of optimal dental health.